After three years of intense development of our distributed Learning Technology, we are thrilled to soon release Brainalyzed INSIGHT. Everything you need to setup, train and deploy AI Swarms that are tailor-made for real-world applications.


Data is the key

  • Upload your data from different data sources (e.g. files, databases, cloud) and merge to datasets
  • Benefit from prebuild interfaces to data providers (e.g. Bloomberg) or build your own
  • Perform automatic sanitation and imputation to verify data integrity
  • Manipulate datasets and safe non-destructible transforms for repeatable preprocessing
  • Visualize and filter data to build confidence
  • Share projects with colleagues or join other projects to build models together




Performance is the key

  • Define objectives of the prediction as performance parameters
  • Design, train and evaluate thousands of brains in a distributed optimization
  • Identify inputs with predictive value from your input dataset
  • Find network architectures that best strike the balance between under- and overfitting
  • Initialize optimization from existing python/R models
  • Start and monitor optimization runs on-premise or in the cloud
  • Combine best performing models to AI swarm




Deployment is the key

  • Investigate and compare network properties of brains from optimization runs
  • Build trust by running sensitivity analysis and plotting activation flow to provide "explainable AI"
  • Use AI swarm for manual prediction in the platform or implement it in real-time business processes via API
  • Dynamically adjust AI swarm composition and schedule automatic retraining if real-time performance deteriorate