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TED talks are known to empower us with knowledge and allow us a peak into how smart people think. There has been a huge hype around AI for a few years now and yet, most of us are not sure about what this new technology can do for us? Most often than not we are in fear of the negative impact it can have on our lives. This is due to the ambiguity that surrounds AI. What is it? What is it not? Will it take over my job? Will it become smarter than us?

AI in fraud detection

AI and fraud detection

Banks and financial institutions lose money every year due to fraudulent activities. A survey conducted by KPMG shows that only less than 25% of fraud losses are recovered. This demonstrates that fraud prevention is the key. The good thing is that we are in the era of fascinating advancements and developments in technology. With the likes of artificial intelligence and machine learning, banks and financial institutions can detect fraud early on and in real time and with more accuracy. 

AI in trading and stock selection

AI in trading and stock selection

And though most of us can be in denial, sophisticated algorithms already dominate our everyday lives more than we can imagine. Right from how the traffic lights are moderated to your social media feeds, everything is run on intelligent and smart algorithms that we otherwise call artificial intelligence. This extends to all industries and functions including the financial trading industry.  

AI in asset management - a quick overview

AI in asset management - a quick overview

AI is changing the way in which the financial industry operates. Asset management forms one of the key pillars of the financial industry, and it is no stranger to the disruptive technology that is AI. The ability of artificial intelligence to crunch large chunks of data in no time is what makes it easy for asset managers to make right decisions swiftly. It also allows asset management organizations to look beyond traditional analysis and apply a more sophisticated approach to data-heavy tasks. 

Applications of AI in FinTech

Applications of AI in FinTech

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making a paradigm shift in technological advancements. We are already witnessing a great deal of change in our lives and businesses due to AI. The finance industry is no exception. It seeks and adopts new technology at an early stage. The financial industry is the most curious of all the industries about technological advancement. They are one of the early adopters of new disruptive technology.

What is Swarm Intelligence and why is it important

Swarm intelligence


Have you ever wondered, how a massive school of fish moves in perfect unison or a swarm of bees builds a symmetric honeycomb? Have you seen ants build colonies, gather food, or following a straight line by leaving pheromone trails? At the heart of this amazing phenomenon lies one of the most fascinating concepts of science — swarm intelligence.  

Artificial Intelligence 101


What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence or commonly known as AI is a term that blankets an entire branch of computer science focused on the thinking and learning capabilities of machines. Depending on the kind of data and information they are fed, the kind of training that they are put through, AI learns to make better decisions. This kind of ability to both learn and apply that learning to practical usage, is similar to the way human beings learn and apply that knowledge in the real world.